Announcements << SAITE Monthly Meeting - Friday, January 20, 2017

Darlene Danehyby Darlene Danehy at 1/10/2017 10:34 AM PST
This month's presentation will be an introduction to crash reconstruction.

Traffic crash reconstruction is the effort to determine from whatever information is available how a crash occurred. Reconstruction is really a puzzle-solving process akin to putting together a jig-saw puzzle with some of the pieces missing. Bits of information about the crash are fitted together. This data may include damage to the vehicles, tire marks and gouges on the roadway, and final resting positions of vehicles. Then, with principles from basic physics and experience with automotive, highway, and human factors engineering, the reconstructionist tries to describe in detail the events of the crash. In many cases, the data from on-board Event Data Recorders (“black boxes”) must be analyzed and interpreted. This session will introduce the practice and procedures of crash reconstruction, and includes an illustrative case study.

Our presenter will be Robert Seyfried, PE, PTOE, who has 46 years of experience in transportation engineering. Mr. Seyfried teaches seminars and workshops throughout the U.S., and serves as an instructor for various training programs.

Lunch will begin at 11:30, and the presentation will begin at noon. Cost is $10, but is free for students. Please RSVP to by January 19 at 11:00 am.


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