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Darlene Danehyby Darlene Danehy at 3/21/2018 11:04 AM PST
The SAITE-developed Temporary Traffic Control Guidelines are now available in the File Sharing section of our website. Some information about the Guidelines is below:

SAITE used a technical committee to develop TTC Guidelines in 2013-2014. Members included Diahn Swartz (Tucson), Rob Lane (PCDOT), Alfonso Rodriquez (Marana), Rick Robinson (Sahuarita), and Albert Letzkus (retired PCDOT).

The primary purpose of the manual is to set up recommended uniform guidelines in the PAG region for using reduced TTC speed limits (i.e., 25 mph) rather than automatically implementing 25 mph zones. This issue is not covered in the MUTCD - it just says not to reduce more than 10 mph (not practical in most cases). The SAITE manual also includes the recommended advance TTC signing usage and spacing on arterials and collectors for major reconstruction projects when implementing a reduced TTC speed limit. It also includes diagrams for the 15 mph TTC advisory speed for cross overs at intersections or median openings.

The manual is a booklet size for easy back-pocket storage for TTC contractors and agency inspectors to easily carry with them.

The committee received about 80 review comments from a review committee at the national ITE headquarters and adopted most of the comments in the final publication in October 2014.

The fee of $20 is to cover the cost of printing the booklet. Postage to mail booklets is additional. Contact Albert Letzkus at at if interested, or feel free to download the pdf directly.


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