Announcements << SAITE Monthly Meeting - Friday, November 20, 2020

Darlene Danehyby Darlene Danehy at 11/13/2020 11:09 AM PST
In March 2020, ITE adopted a Recommended Practice (RP) on Guidelines for Determining Traffic Signal Change and Clearance Intervals. Mr. Seyfried will update SAITE on the development and application of this recommended practice.

The RP development process evolved over several years and was, and continues to be, rather controversial with concerns raised especially about the adequacy of Yellow Change intervals for left and right turning vehicles. A draft of the proposed RP was published in 2015 and numerous comments received from the profession. Responses were developed for each comment. In some cases, the draft RP was amended consistent with such comments; in other cases the comments were not accepted. Several commenters appealed the responses before a special appellate panel that met in August 2019. The draft RP was again revised, consistent with the findings of the appeals panel, and the RP was finally approved by the International ITE Board of Directors.

Mr. Seyfried will discuss the development of the RP, the nature of concerns about the computation procedures, how the implementation of the procedures will affect signal timing, and likely future developments.


Robert K. Seyfried is President of R.K. Seyfried and Associates, Inc. Prior to his retirement in 2009, Mr. Seyfried spent more than 30 years teaching traffic engineering training courses for the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, including several courses for the Pima County DOT and the Arizona DOT. Mr. Seyfried has a BSCE and MSCE from Northwestern University, is a licensed Professional Engineer in Illinois and Arizona, and is a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer. Mr. Seyfried served as a consultant to ITE in assisting in the development of responses to comments received on the draft Proposed Recommended Practice (RP) on Signal Change Intervals, and represented ITE before the appeals panel for the RP.


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